Dapper Bistro

2023-05-06 14:25 — 2023-05-07 08:00
19 hours, 34 minutes, 26 seconds

📍 Location: @dapperbistro is both a clothing shop and a restaurant in the hyper modern district of Barcode. Come here to feel both posh and hipster at the same time. They open at 11 everyday, but are unfortunately closed on Sundays.

😋 Food: We had the coarse fennel and pork sausage with fried egg and spinach and beans which was super savory and filling. The mushroom with Parmesan cream on toast was succulent. Hummus with dukkah and herbs had some slightly spicy and fragrant. The Turkish eggs with crab was terrific. The sourdough pancake was good too but not as noteworthy as the rest of the menu.

☕️ Coffee: The “have everything”, so we ordered the usual: double flat white on oats. 👌

💸 Value: 185-235 per main.