Fat City

2023-06-18 12:17 — 2023-06-18 11:48
1 hour, 30 minutes, 39 seconds

📍 Location: Squeezed between bar and a beer place, the wine bar @oslofatcity opens early and serves brunch along the tram line on Thorvald Meyers gate. The simplistic and barren decorations contrasts the inviting and friendliest staff 🙂

😋 Food: We had a creamy scrambled egg dish with asparagus, chives and almonds. A simple butter fried bread with salami and smoked ham. And a salt and umami nuclear bomb of a sandwich on rye toast, with herbs and anchovies. 👌

☕️ Coffee: In style with the simplistic location you have a choice between black coffee plain or with milk.

💸 Value: 480 kr for 3 dishes and two coffees.

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