2023-10-08 10:09 — 2023-10-08 09:32
1 hour, 23 minutes, 17 seconds

📍 Location: @mjolbakeri is a division from @bakerietkveitemjol and is run by Stian Damstuen from the Norwegian national bakery team (yes, it’s a thing) who in an interview with Bakeri.net, a news outlet for bakers (yes, it’s a thing), that he has been given high degree of autonomy to develop the newly established bakery on Sagen, hence the diverging name. One of their goals is to eventually develop a new “hype” that’ll rival Kveitemjøl’s famous cube shaped croissant (yes, that’s a thing).

😋 Food: We had a sandwich with veggies and tapenade, a huge focaccia with Serrano, and for dessert a pistachio bun. They were all great! (Unfortunately we missed the cubes, but will definitely return when they serve other irregularly shaped bakery goods!)

☕️ Coffee: A minimum viable coffee menu with black drip coffee, cappuccino and latte. They also have multiple milk options. The lattes with oat milk were good!

💸 Value: Around 400 for 2 sandwiches, 1 bun and 2 coffees.

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